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Make your business shine on the web. Gain valuable work experience as you lean and be ready in as little as 12 weeks. Accelerate your career as professional web designer. Future tech gives you the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of web designing and development. The world is moving more towards the latest technology, innovations, and this change has given a boom to the field of web designing and development. The job outlook for web developers is extremely high, not only in Pakistan but all around the globe. The course is designed to give you employable skills so you can get a job and will also be able to make your career in freelancing.

What you will learn?

< The key elements of this course are:

Module 1: Basic of Web Designing

• Introduction to website designing
• Web Server and Web Browser
• Tools and Editors
• Static website VS Dynamic website
• Comparison of Different Languages and Tools

Module 2: HTML 5

• Elements & Attributes
• Headings
• Adding and formatting Paragraph Text
• Formatting your website template
• Adding Hyperlinks and Buttons in your website
• Images and its usage
• Image mapping
• Tables and its different usage in web designing
• Bulleted Lists and its professional usage
• Forms and Interface designing
• Creating custom colors using Color codes
• Formatting text and using different Fonts
• Adding page information for Google and other webs using Meta tags

Module 3: CSS

• Different methods of creating styles
• Different Coloring options
• Creating and formatting professional Background Effects
• Advance Text effects
• Positioning objects with different Display levels
• The CSS Box model
• Working with Floats
• Using Borders with different effects
• Understanding CSS Outline
• Working with Margins and Padding
• Professional usages of Lists
• Using the z-index
• Creating complex website layouts
• Color Gradients
• Creating your own drop down menu in CSS
• Animations using CSS 3.0
• Responsive Website Designs using CSS 3.0
• Using Custom fonts in your website designs
• Creating different themes for your website
• Flexbox with examples

Module 4: JavaScript

• Coding conventions
• Embedding JavaScript in html
• Usage of variables in your program
• Statements, operators
• Using Loops (while and for)
• Arrays and its uses
• Working with Events
• Popup windows
• Creating slider
• Runtime style using HTML
• CSS class switching
• Creating and removing HTML contents in Run-Time
• Simple Animation using JavaScript
• Professional form validation techniques using
JavaScript (mini project) • Creating basic animation using JavaScript (mini project)
• Professional Form validation effects (mini project)

Module 5: Optimization Techniques

• Cross Browser Compatibility Issues
• Fixing issues with JS and CSS
• Smart phone friendly programming techniques
• Search Engine Optimization Basics

Module 6: Bootstrap

• Understanding bootstrap grid system
• Creating responsive layouts
• Bootstrap Typography
• Bootstrap Tables
• Bootstrap Forms
• Bootstrap Buttons
• Bootstrap Messages
• Bootstrap Navbar
• Bootstrap Drop Down Menus
• Bootstrap Alerts
• Bootstrap Pagination
• Bootstrap List groups
• Bootstrap Wells
• Bootstrap Slider
• Working with image galleries
• Using different themes
• Working with Font Awesome
• Project : Creating a complete responsive website layout using Bootstrap


• Account creation
• Gigs
• Order Handling
• Ratings


• Create a basic HTML webpage structure with header, navigation, content, and footer sections.
• Add appropriate HTML tags for headings, paragraphs, links, images, and lists.
• Style the HTML webpage from Assignment 1 using CSS. • Apply different CSS properties such as font styles, colors, backgrounds, and margins.
• Create a responsive webpage layout that adapts to different screen sizes.
• Use CSS media queries to adjust the layout and styles based on screen width.
• Test the responsiveness on various devices and browsers.
• Implement a grid-based layout using CSS Grid to create a structured design.
• Implement interactive features like image galleries or accordions using DOM manipulation.
• Create CSS transitions to add smooth effects on element states (e.g., hover, focus).
• Use CSS keyframe animations to create more complex animations.
• Apply animations to enhance user experience and visual appeal.


• Develop a complete front-end project from scratch, incorporating HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
• Create a responsive and visually appealing user interface.
• Implement interactive features and demonstrate knowledge of front-end development concepts.


Other Courses

Web Development Course

  Total Duration: 48 hours
   Course Length: 12 Weeks.
  100% Practical Training.
   Internship 2 weeks.
    Certificate of completion.

Total Fees: Rs: 45,000

with Discount: Rs: 40,000

Installment Plan Available

  • 1st Installment Rs. 25,000
  • 2nd Installment Rs. 15,000

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