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Build a bright future in entrepreneurship. Virtual assistant for amazon is a highly lucrative freelancing domain in which you can maintain long term relationship with your client. Participants in this course will learn how to work as an Amazon Virtual Assistant from home, taking on client projects and carrying out other tasks as required. Now a days, a lot of companies are searching for qualified VA’s to handle administrative, technical, or creative support services. The trainees will be able to handle all administrative and customer service issues associated with Amazon after completing this course

1.Advertising on eBay and its benefits.
2. Why Choose eBay as a Selling Platform
3. Sign-up process of eBay store
4.Creation of sellers/business account on eBay
5. Product Hunting and Research
6. Sourcing Strategies
7. Fulfilment from Supplier to Warehouse

How to upload product manually
Products listing and management

1. Drop shipping
2. Selling Owned Products from Suppliers
3. Understanding eBay Selling Fees
4. Seller Hub / Overview
5. Creating Effective Listings
6. Pricing Strategies
7. Tips for Listing Management
8. Payment Processing on eBay
9. Order Handling and Fulfilment
10. Providing Exceptional Customer Service
11. Feedback Management
12. Account Health and Performance Metrics
14. High Categories and Control
15. Profit Calculation and Payouts
16. Inventory Management
17. Tax Considerations for eBay Sellers
18. Job and Investment Opportunities

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eBay Course

  Total Duration: 34 hours
   Course Length: 7 Weeks.
  100% Practical Training.
   Internship 2 weeks.
    Certificate of completion.

Total Fees: Rs: 35,000

with Discount: Rs: 30,000

Installment Plan Available

  • 1st Installment Rs. 17,500
  • 2nd Installment Rs. 17,500

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