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Adopt diverse skills and excel as an innovative graphic designer. This course aimed at aspiring graphic designers, web designers and digital artists who wish to develop a skill set needed to become a professional graphic designer. Suitable for both complete beginners and those who already have some knowledge of the industry; this course will prepare you for a career as a graphics designer through familiarizing you with the concepts, principles and – most importantly – the software you'll need to know. Prepress techniques, typography, digital illustration, digital imaging, page layout, and design software are all covered in this course, with a focus on design processes from visualization to production.

What you will learn?

• Adobe Photoshop
• Adobe Illustrator
• Adobe XD
• Canva

This course will cover:

• Photo Editing in Adobe Photoshop
• Photo extraction from a background in Adobe Photoshop
• Colors fixing and improvement in Adobe Photoshop
• Image Mixing in Adobe Photoshop
• Image enhancements in Adobe Photoshop
• Special effects with photos in Adobe Photoshop
• PDF Presentations in Adobe Photoshop
• Logo Designing
• Brochure Designing
• Stationary Design
• Book Cover Design
• Infographics Designing
• Visiting Cards and Letterheads
• Panaflex banner advertisements
• Facebook Cover pages
• Website designing

Module 1 – Adobe Photoshop Professional Overview of Adobe Photoshop

• Bitmaps and vectors
• Image modes
• Image size and resolution
• Image color concepts

Basic Tools and Colors

• Overview of the Toolset
• Brushes and brush types
• Advance effects with brushes
• Color using eye dropper
• Numerical color
• Pantone color
• The background image
• Erasing and canvas color

Selection techniques in Adobe Photoshop

• The marquee tools
• Adding and subtracting selections
• Automatic selection using the wand tool
• Auto selection using the quick selection brush
• Manual cut-out techniques
• Transforming a selection
• Understanding selection edges
• Refining selection edges
• Saving / reloading a selection

Layers in Adobe Photoshop

• Layer blending modes
• Layer opacity
• Transforming layers
• Working with multiple layers

Layer Masks in Adobe Photoshop

• Introduction to layer masks
• Creating a layer mask from a selection
• Modifying a layer mask using the paintbrush tool
• The gradient tool and masks

Image adjustments in Adobe Photoshop

• Using adjustment layers
• Levels explained
• Color balance and color considerations
• Hue and saturation
• Changing certain color in image

Projects in Adobe Photoshop

• Fixing raw photo
• Creating Visiting Card
• Creating Wallpapers
• Creating Logos
• Different Icons and symbols

Module 2 Adobe Illustrator

• Drawing Basics in Adobe Illustrator
• Getting to Know the Work Area
• Coloring concepts and techniques
• Selection and Alignment
• Creating and Editing Basic Shapes
• Transforming Objects
• Drawing with the Pen and Pencil Tools
• Colors and Painting in Adobe Illustrator
• Drawing and Illustrations
• Working with Text / Type
• Working with Layers in Adobe Illustrator
• Blending Colors and Shapes
• Using buil-in libraries
• Working with symbols
• Creating Charts/graphs
• Grids and Guides
• Page Setup

Advance Drawing Concepts in Adobe Illustrator

• Working with Perspective Drawing
• Advance drawing with the help of custom brushes
• Advanced coloring techniques
• Mixing shapes and creating complex shapes

Styles and Effects in Adobe Illustrator

• Introduction to appearance panel
• Working with multiple fills and strokes
• Creating advance effects
• Applying Appearance Attributes and Graphic Styles
• Saving and reusing styles

Module 3: Introduction to Canva

• Searching designs
• Editing
• Uploading images/ videos
• Downloading designs


• Account creation
• Gigs
• Order Handling
• Ratings


Other Courses

Graphic Designing Course

  Total Duration: 28 hours
   Course Length: 8 Weeks.
  100% Practical Training.
   Internship 2 weeks.
    Certificate of completion.

Total Fees: Rs: 35,000

with Discount: Rs: 30,000

Installment Plan Available

  • 1st Installment Rs. 20,000
  • 2nd Installment Rs. 10,000

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