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Build a bright future in entrepreneurship. Virtual assistant for amazon is a highly lucrative freelancing domain in which you can maintain long term relationship with your client. Participants in this course will learn how to work as an Amazon Virtual Assistant from home, taking on client projects and carrying out other tasks as required. Now a days, a lot of companies are searching for qualified VA’s to handle administrative, technical, or creative support services. The trainees will be able to handle all administrative and customer service issues associated with Amazon after completing this course

Module 1: Introduction to 2D Animation
History and evolution of 2D animation
Understanding the principles of animation
Introduction to industry-standard software and tools
Basic Drawing Techniques
Fundamentals of drawing for animation
Sketching and character design
Understanding proportions and anatomy

Module 2: Key-frame Animation
Introduction to keyframes and timing
Principles of Movement and motion arcs
Applying the principles to animate simple objects
In-betweening and Easing
Creating smooth transitions between keyframes
Understanding easing and acceleration
Hands-on exercises with inbetweening techniques

Module 3: Character Animation
Introduction to character rigging
Walk cycles and character locomotion
Expressions, lip-syncing, and facial animation
Background Design and Layout
Principles of composition and visual storytelling
Creating compelling backgrounds and environments
Understanding perspective and depth in 2D animation

Module 4: Storyboarding
Introduction to storyboarding techniques
Visual storytelling and shot composition
Hands-on exercises in creating storyboards
Introduction to motion graphics techniques
Special Effects and Motion Graphics
Adding visual effects and stylized elements
Creating particle effects and dynamic backgrounds

Module 5: Advanced Animation Techniques
Secondary motion and overlapping actions
Anticipation and follow-through principles
Advanced character animation exercises
Color Theory and Styling
Understanding color theory for animation
Applying color and lighting to enhance storytelling
Developing a unique visual style for your animations

Module 6 : Post-production and Sound Design
Editing and refining animations
Adding sound effects and music
Exporting and sharing final animations
Portfolio Development
Creating a demo reel of your best animations

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